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The Party-Planning Prep You’re Likely Not Considering for the Big Game: Plumbing

National plumbing franchise helps party hosts and guests prepare for the Big Game with simple plumbing tips to keep kitchens and bathrooms in working order

Houston – Football fans and non-football fans alike will gather in homes on Feb. 4 to watch the Big Game, alongside friends, family and most likely a fantastic spread of party grub. However, party hosts rarely consider the impact food preparation and extra visitors can have on their home plumbing systems, which can lead to embarrassing plumbing disasters both in the kitchen and the bathrooms.

The professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® recommend party hosts and guests follow these precautions to avoid common plumbing mishaps and help ensure fans can stay focused on the game:

  • Be mindful of what food goes down the garbage disposal.

Fats, bones and vegetable peels can clog drains and damage the disposal. Rice and pasta can swell and clog the drain, as well. As a good rule of thumb, always toss scraps in the trashcan when it’s possible.

  • Always use water when running the disposal.

The garbage disposal works best when small particles are mixed with water. Use hot water down the disposal to keep grease moving down the drain, and run water for at least 30 seconds after everything has cleared.

  • Know what to do if the garbage disposal becomes clogged.

If your disposal becomes clogged, turn it off, and shut off the water. Don’t reach into a disposal, and never, ever use harsh chemicals to treat a clog. Instead, try a plunger.

  • Educate guests on what can and cannot go down the toilet.

Commonly flushed items that may clog your pipes include napkins, paper towels, facial tissues and feminine products. Keep a trashcan near the toilet and remind guests to please only flush toilet paper down the commode.

  • Inform guests of any existing plumbing issues.

For example, if the toilet handle needs a little jiggle in order to flush, spread the word and post a sign in the bathroom as a constant reminder.

If a plumbing emergency occurs despite following these tips, call the trusted plumbers at your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Not all plumbing disasters are a DIY fix, and it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when there’s a house full of guests trying to enjoy the Big Game.

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