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Centrica Chief Executive Iain Conn Discusses Our New Model for Growth

In an interview with the Financial Times, Centrica chief executive Iain Conn discusses his mission to make our business more competitive, more efficient, and better able to cope with pace of changes to our industry.

“I believe we have got to first base,” said Mr. Conn, be he admits that “what we haven’t yet done is demonstrated that we can grow.” He believes that growth will come from adding new services on top of energy supply. Energy companies, he said, must change “the nature of the relationship with the customer.”

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Direct Energy is one of North America’s largest retail providers of electricity, natural gas, and home and business energy-related services with over four million customers. Direct Energy gives customers choice, simplicity, and innovation where energy, data, and technology meet. A subsidiary of Centrica plc (LSE: CNA), an international energy and services company, Direct Energy, its subsidiaries and/or affiliates, operate in 50 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia and four provinces in Canada. To learn more about Direct Energy, please visit

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