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5 Reasons Why Nevada Needs Energy Choice

On November 6th, voters in Nevada have the opportunity to end the energy monopoly in the state by voting yes on Question 3 – and yes to energy choice.

Here’s what energy choice would mean for Nevada, based on evidence and previous examples.

1. Energy choice and lower bills:

The evidence is clear: in states that enjoy energy choice real prices fell 8% between 2008 and 2016, whereas states with energy monopolies (like Nevada) saw prices increase by 15%. (Source: ‘Restructuring Recharged’ by Philip O’Connor)

In addition, since Texas introduced energy choice in 2002, customers there have enjoyed a 63% decline in real prices for electricity – meaning lower energy bills and more financial security for families and businesses. (Source: Public Utility Commission of Texas Report)

2. Energy choice and more jobs:

Introducing energy choice to Texas has resulted in the creation of over 42,000 more direct and indirect jobs – meaning more opportunities for people in the state to get a job, build a career and provide for their families.

It has also added an additional $8.3 billion in annual gross product to the state – boosting its economy and benefitting all Texans. (Source: ‘A Texas Case Study’ by The Perryman Group)

3. Energy choice and renewables:

Clean energy goes hand-in-hand with energy choice – and since introducing choice, Texas has become a clean energy leader. Nearly of all its wind generation was built with private investment – meaning any risk lies with shareholders not ratepayers. (Source: Electric Reliability Council of Texas)

4. Energy choice and consumer freedom:

Energy choice means you’re free to choose the energy plan that’s right for you - rather than NV Energy making the decision for you.

You can choose the length of contract, whether you want a fixed or variable price, the amount of renewable energy you’d like and more. So you can be sure you’re getting the best plan for your family or your business.

5. Energy choice and customer control:

Unlike the current situation in Nevada, where you have to use NV Energy, voting yes on 3 will mean you can choose your supplier.

So suppliers have to compete for your custom – and if you don’t like your supplier, you can fire them and switch to another whenever you like. It means you’re in control – not the energy companies.

How to get energy choice in Nevada

The only way to get energy choice in Nevada is to vote Yes on Question 3. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will help families, businesses and the whole state.



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